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Cloud REK-ERP V2.0
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Manage Office,Personal Data and Create Your Own business and grow Market

Why ERP Cloud?

ERP is a critical foundation of your business and we believe that you should have the freedom and control over your ERP application. This means that you have the choice to select your hosting provider, or host it on your own. This also means that you could (or hire someone to) modify the application, customize it, integrate, make it your own.

So how do we make money? We make money from those users who choose our cloud services for hosting ERP. Since 2008 we are hosting ERP applications on our platform and have the necessary skills and resources to ensure that your ERP is running most of the time and we have backups managed when things really go wrong. Cloud hosting for ERPSolution is available at very affordable annual rates today

 If you choose to host ERP on your own, or through another provider you still have the same application with all the source codes and access to future upgrades. So don't worry, we want to make it easy for you.